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Layla and Quinn

I've started the adventure of writing my own novel.  I've included the prologue for my story to give you an idea of what I am writing.  


The bed she was lying in a very comfortable bed. Wait. She was conscious?  If she was conscious, that means…  He’s alive. She sat up and hit her head on something.  She tried to focus her eyes in the dark to see what impeding her headroom.  She was in a bed, in a box?  Oh yes, she recalled these now.  She was in a coffin.  Last time she awakened in a ditch, so she couldn’t complain.  She pushed against the lid to see if it would move.  It was heavy but she got one side a little.  Remembering the previous times, she sat up and peeked through the crack she had made.  She was in a small elegantly decorated room filled with flowers and the lights were muted. It smelled a little sterile and it was quiet.  She didn’t see anyone, so she rose on out of her coffin.  There were heavy curtains on the windows and coffin was on a stand.  She …