Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stupid Student Loan People

I'm just a tad pissed, so nothing may make sense.

I have consolidated all of my student loans. ALL of them. I have in my possession letters from all companies involved that my obligation to may them is over. I do not owe them ANY money. NONE. ZERO! I only owe my consolidation loan. that's it. period.  SO why is it that SALLIE MAE is still reporting to the National Student Loan Directory people that I owe them money? And that I'm in default? Especially when, I owe them nothing, and they sent me a letter saying I owe them nothing! The debt is paid.  SO, I call them and what do they tell me?  My account has been paid and closed.  And I should direct all questions to my consolidation loan company. THAT DOES NOT FUCKING HELP ME. IT IS SALLIE MAE REPORTING I OWE THEM, NOT MY NEW LOAN. AND THEY CAN'T FIX IT.  SO what does this mean? I'm still INELIGIBLE to receive student aid.  complete and total BULLSHIT.  It's not like I'm ever going back to school, but it still pisses me off. I work my ass off to have a better life. I want to get an education so I'm not working at GINO's for the rest of my stupid life. But let's face it, I'm not going back. It's never going to be financially okay to make myself better.  I'm not ever getting out of this stupid life of poverty.  IT FUCKING SUCKS. I try to fix things, they just get worse. SO fuck it all.

Just a Little Help

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