Thursday, April 15, 2010

Empire pisses me off while Brian got a Job

Empire Books pisses me off that I go there, looking for a book that is a Mass Market and has just been released recently. They don't have it, they never have any book that I'm looking for. I don't believe I've actually bought anything in about 4 years, I've been in there plenty, with full intentions on spending money there. Nope, they obviously do not want my kind of business. And second, their whole trading policy is a crock. I will not leave my books with you for you to determine their value and then call in a few days to tell me what you will give me in store credit. No, no, and no. I want to trade them now, and I would like to use that credit now. I don't trust you to not loose them and short me. That sounds like an old person, but my books are my life. I don't trust anyone with them. I about have a heart attack when I do loan books out. And it breaks my heart that when they are returned they have been dogeared, laid face down, breaking or stretching their spine. My god, have some respect. So, no I will not trust a random person and business that I have faith in to do their crappy trading. Especially, a rude crappy person who represents their company with poor customer service and that has their nose so far in the air, they are sniffing at god's asshole. So, yea, I'm pissed and I'll just stay at my trusty Borders, where I walk in, pick my book up off the shelf, and purchase it with no attitude or problems.

And Brian has a job, which excites me.

Just a Little Help

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