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Empire pisses me off while Brian got a Job

Empire Books pisses me off that I go there, looking for a book that is a Mass Market and has just been released recently. They don't have it, they never have any book that I'm looking for. I don't believe I've actually bought anything in about 4 years, I've been in there plenty, with full intentions on spending money there. Nope, they obviously do not want my kind of business. And second, their whole trading policy is a crock. I will not leave my books with you for you to determine their value and then call in a few days to tell me what you will give me in store credit. No, no, and no. I want to trade them now, and I would like to use that credit now. I don't trust you to not loose them and short me. That sounds like an old person, but my books are my life. I don't trust anyone with them. I about have a heart attack when I do loan books out. And it breaks my heart that when they are returned they have been dogeared, laid face down, breaking or stretching t…