Thursday, October 6, 2005

Senior Year

Well, It's a new year and I find myself hating school as bad as ever and I'm not really digging my life either. Okay, it's Thursday afternoon, and I'm sitting in a godforsaken library in Hamlin with a bunch of old ladies who smell like adult diapers. O.o
Anyways...I'm really disliking school. I go for 3 hours. woo. I thought it would be great to have co-op...go to 4 classes then leave. Well, I hate my job, too. Well, it's not that bad, I just hate having to drive to Hamlin everyday just for a lousy 5.25 and hour. -.- School really sucks. There is no way I can possibly get out of AP lit. No way. General Barnett is so out to get me. She is trying every way possible to get me thrown out for my tardiness. ah..hem...I have no been on time but once this year, but it is still not her place to hunt me down and try to turn me in for truancy. Anyways, that's for skipping school. I go to school. I get there in the middle of first, but it is still not her business because she is my third period teacher. We had nominations for miss wildcat today. hooray. I was thinking of running, but Sandy fucked up the whole process. they just made a list of senior girls and we had to vote for someone. what a load of shit. And we don't even have class officers. grr... this school year has gone to crap. the only good thing is there are only 6 people in yearbook class. thank god.

Well, I’ve rattled and lost my train of thought...dammit.

Just a Little Help

Here's where I am in life right now. Job accepted at a bigger park. 1.5 hour communte, like 60 miles away. $10 an hour. I did the math,...