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Update on Awesome


Sunday was so fucking awesome! :) I went to Stephen and we hung out all day. *evil tehehe* :-P Yea.

Anyways, been awhile since I made a really long post about feelings and stuff, 'because I've been too busy being happy to actually type anything or even think. So It's Monday and Monday's suck, so I will ramble about some of what I am feeling about different things in my life.


here I go


1) I moved back in with Mom like last Monday, just the day after I moved out. Well, our relationship is a bit strained right now. I can understand why, too. She is adjusting to a new me. She hasn't seen me be like how I am in a long time. She's still getting used to the idea that I have a boyfriend and I'm 17, so that makes it all okay to do what ever I want...a little note here....She was pregnant and Married at she's a hypocrite to a point. Anyways, work is killing her too. It's been going better now that she fired her Asst. M…

New Year, New Me?

My new Anniversay - January 3rd, 2004!!!

Okays. I hate school. Period.

I hate being here. I
d much rather be home, talking on the phone to Stephen, but I am stuck here. Actually If I didn't go to school I'd figure someway to go to his place or him to mine. sort of miss him. sort of. Wow.

This is really strange for me. I haven't had a boyfriend in like 3 years and I'm excited and sort of scared all at the same time. My family is so happy that Kimi is finally gone, and I'm excited that I have Steve. SO excited. It's like I go to sleep thinking of him, partly because It's 2 am and we just got off the phone and partly because I am so FUCKING HAPPY! And Then I wake up and I remember what we were talking about and I smile. I actually smile. I'm such a romantic. lol.

It's really sad too. For some reason I can’t stop thinking about Kimi, about how I burnt everything she every gave, including the stuffed animals. I did that yesterday, btw. Awful smell and b…