Stupid Stuff

Okays...Aol is making me mad...and people calling...grrr...Couldn't Michelle wait at least until later to call? Just makes me mad when she calls especially when I am typing because I like to type long entries and the I lose them when I go offline. And I was chatting. grrr...anyways on to the actual entry....

Kim and I are trying to keep everything on the friends level; she wants more and I want less. It's not working. We never ever could be just friends. Even b4 we were gay we either were like glue or wanted to kill each other. Right now It's not at either point. It's at that Blah point you get to when a romantic relationship is over but not the platonic one. We have our past together, and I'll never escape the hate I've endured from Shelia over Kim. Or the other things and people I've made enemies with over her. Rita has disowned me and so has my mother's family. Oh well. It's not I liked them to begin with. *eye roll* Their ignorance and judgmental just pisses me off. Oh well, next sexuality.

Yes, What a subject. Lately I have been confused. It's over with me and Kim, so there is no need for me to continue the butch thing or the lesbian thing. And then you throw Stephen into the pot and thing get more confusing. I like looking like a guy, but I really don't see me hooking up with any more chicks. And lately, well the last week or so, I've been looking at Stephen in a different light. So sue me if I'm pathetic. But, that would be really weird...two confusing. Plus I know things that happen in my sick sad lonely pathetic romantic head will never happen for several reasons a) friendship is at stake b) I look/feel like a dude c)serious relationships in high school and long distances never work out. D) I don't know if I am ready for Anyone new. mental frustration...grr...

And now...XMAS eve is tomorrow!!! This reminds me of how much of a hypocrite I am. I am not Christian and I celebrate their holiday. And I'm not Jewish and I celebrated Hanukkah. I even celebrated Yule, which is my religion's holiday. I am a sucker for holidays, I am so sorry. Plus I love gifts and giving gifts. (BTW, Buchii, I love the gifts!!! If you wouldn't beat me up, I'd attack you and cover you with huggles and kisses. ^.^ I really like the Manga and the card.)

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