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Doctor Brian's Recessive Soul

Alright, I haven't written a new blog with content in ages, sort of been on a hiatus from the interweb with only limited exposure, for the health of my brain.

Alright, this is going to be one big ramble fest and I'll jump to topics as they roam through my head.

First, we are in a recession. Anyone normal knows what that means? Well, I know, but it never really hit me, because Brian and I have been doing so well since it started. We're finally financially independent, both with jobs we love, and the lights are still on, and we still have our own place. My dad has told me a couple of times that we're lucky we have jobs because the economy is crack and there's so many people out there that don't have one and can't get one. I was like oh not around here, it's hard to make the poor poorer. Nope, I got a reality check today. My company has decided to cut jobs. I still have mine, so no one freak out. It's not big like GMC closing an entire plant, but it'…