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College Woes

Well, this school thing might work out and it might now. I had so many aspirations for college, planned for since grade school, always secretly smart, did lots of extracurriculars (even though they weren't that honorable...y6earbook, raze, hats, softball, band...and I sucked at all of them), got great test scores. Planned fo cllege real well, made sure my parents didn'tmake too much money or financial aid, got 2 great 12,500 dollars. Ad what Do I do with this well thought out event in life? I screw it up, like I do every thing else. I decided no o go to my dream school in Shepherdstown, the one I shoveddwn my parent's throats, made them visit at least 3 times, and itbeing 8 hours away, and th on I got the 12500 dollars scholarship to, I passed drumline auditions and as going to be on oneof the greatest drumlines ever, hadt set up to graduate in three years...Guezz I fucked that one up. 2 weeks before classes start I decide to go to Marshall to "stay …