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Save the Tacos

I find simple joys in life. I will tell you today's story. I was pulling into the garage to park my car, so Steve could go to class. I say to him "I think it's going to rain." This is about 5:50 this afternoon. I grab my waterproof jacket as I get out of my car. I don't think Steve understood me when I told him that it was raining, or he was spaced out, like he does. Anyways, we get to the bottom of the garage and it's raining out. Steve is holding our bag of tacos we had just bought at taco bell. well, it's not rainign hard. we dart across traffic cause I had spaed out crossing the street, and was standing there talking to Steve in the middle of Third Avenue. So, we run over to one of the dorms that has a porch. It's raining like crazy now. Steve makes me put my laptop in his bookbag so it doesn't get wet, because my bookbag is fishnet and has holes in it. Steve is still holding our bag of tacos. I put them under my jacket. My belly was really wa…