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3 Months

I haven’t really gone into any in depth here in along time. I really don't have anything to go in depth about. I'm such a shallow person. And another reason I don't have anything to go in depth about is I've been sorta sad lately. Actually more blah. I'm a really boring person. I don't do anything anymore. I go to school, go to practice go home and wait for Steve to call. Is that boring or what. I haven't done anything in forever. I haven't been to the mall since December. That makes me sad. I haven't even been to Wal-Mart since before Christmas. Man am I lame. I haven't had any fun with myself or my family in a long time. I haven't gone out with them in forever. I haven't been out at all. Makes me sad.

Oh and I thought I was going to get that pretty prom dress. My dad was going to buy it for me this weekend, but instead, I chose to buy myself new softball equipment instead. That's lame. I decided to spend 100 bucks on softball crap…